“I was thinking of joining Crossfit to experience extreme training in a group exercise. However after taking Amir’s Cross Training Extreme class I realized that I can achieve same sort of results.  Amir has the best group exercise class in Equinox.  TakingAmir’s class helped me achieve my fitness goals. Another great thing I love about Amir’s class is that he keeps it very educational while performing all the exercises.   In addition to staying fit I also learned a lot.”


“I’ve been training with Amir at his bootcamp for several years and I’m addicted to her workouts. Amir is super knowledgeable and these workouts are fun. Amir coaches us through exercise circuits challenging and effective, but not overwhelming. He’s knows the anatomy and understands the functions of each exercise, and educates us about both of them along the way. My entire body is firmer and in much better shape because of Jill. I recommend Amir’s bootcamp for anyone who wants to improve their body and have an enjoyable time doing it.”

Meloney H.

Producer, Writer, Author

The Merriam Webster dictionary describes inspiration as:  something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create:  a force or influence that inspires someone.  Jill is all those things and much more. Amir is my trainer, my mentor, my life coach, and my friend.  He inspires me every day to be a healthier version of myself.

Amir has a way of reading my body language and knows if something is not right.  He stood by me in my darkest hours and helped me channel my anger away from self-destruction and into training for a half marathon.

Since I’ve met Amir I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, run a half marathon, found confidence and am strong physically and mentally.  Her workouts are addicting and continue to evolve.  Amir is more than a trainer, she is an inspiration for all things good in the world.

Jenny W.

Sr. Media Manager