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What I offer you to reach your fitness goal

Looking for a personal trainer in london?  Boxing trainer in London.

AMIR is one of the premier trainers in the UK ‘Personal Trainer in London’ I offer customized
one-on-one training, everywhere in the world and here in London. I have trained people from all different backgrounds and all levels of expertise, fitness level, in the other words from injury rehabilitation, extreme body transformations, easy nutrition guidance and moreover it’s easy to follow.

At Amir Personal Training and Rehabilitation program. I provide a unique training experience and system to achieve your goals in the most natural way to look and feel at your best as fast as possible.  

As result of Covid-19 time, I offer safe and social distancing workouts. So a personal trainer near me it’s here:).

Its me Amir Personal trainer in London.

My training for you including :

Bespoke personal  training. I specialise in:    Beginner workout     Pregnancy training     Functional Training   Body sculpting  Core stability  Weight management   Chronic fatigue    Spinal Rehabilitation    Injury rehabilitation   Pre and post  pregnancy training    Boxing.

 Lose weight, gain weight, build muscles, increase stamina and more…

Your trainer looks like a life partner. Firstly I will be as invested as you are, if not more. Secondly, as a team, you’ll be driven to blast through barriers so find your true potential and break out of stuck physical conditions, all while avoiding the rut one can normally find themselves in after starting on any exercise regimen. Above all a Personal fitness trainer.

Secondly your coach and guide through this fitness way.

 Your initial consultation will cover a fitness assessment, lifestyle and nutrition evaluation, and a detailed discussion of your fitness goals. The resultant program will be one designed just for you, so you can achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Above all what I offer you to reach your fitness goal as fast as you can.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Amir has worked in different countries such as America, and in Europe as a Mobile Personal Trainer, travel with his clients to maintain their fitness needs as a result.

Moreover he has worked with professional athletes, and celebrity clients such as famous Hollywood actors and CEO and Bankers across the globe.  

Looking for a personal trainer in london?

As a special Personal Trainer in London, because I help athletes to stay fit during their competitions, injury recovery consultation, nutrition, and diet programming.By checking your trainer near me. When you change your workouts, your body and your athletic results stop changing as well.

Your muscles are perfect for Football, tennis, swimming, boxing or running. To develop stamina, mobility, flexibility, and speed, cross- circuit training allows them time to heal while improving other muscles. In every sport, Amir’s trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach is here for you to give you the best you can get from your body.

Andy Webster
 2 months ago
I have been training with Amir over the past five years. Have found him very professional and an excellent trainer but also personable and friendly. I recommend him and his services!

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