10 reasons for doing HIT training

10 reasons to do high-intensity intermittent HIIT exercises


Hit cardio
Hit cardio


You must have seen people in the club who are doing aerobic exercise with uniform intensity for a long time every day of the week, but by doing high intensity interval training – Hight Intensity interval training or HIIT for short, you will be able to do the exercises for less time. But get better results.

You do not need any special skills in the field of physical fitness to perform this training technique and you will be able to combine this technique with your exercises.

You will burn more calories while exercising
Who hates a more efficient workout? High-intensity interval training will burn 25-30% more calories than resistance training, cycling, or treadmill running.

When you do moderate-intensity or low-intensity aerobic exercise, your body continues with the amount of activity you want. But in this type of exercise, you will demand more and more energy from your body and you will burn more calories.

You will burn more fat in less time
In addition to more calories, high-intensity interval training helps burn more fat in less time than endurance training. In this exercise technique, the body uses fat instead of carbohydrates as energy.

A study shows that doing HIIT exercises 3 times a week for 20 minutes in 12 weeks helps to reduce approximately 2 kg of body fat mass.

Calorie burning continues even after exercise
Of course, burning fat and calories in a workout is great, but with this technique, the metabolism will continue to increase after the workout and help reduce body fat. When you do endurance training such as running for a long time, your body uses less oxygen, while in exercises such as HIIT when you need to reach your maximum strength, your body will receive more oxygen.

Exercise At this point in the body’s ability to breathe with difficulty (because the body consumes more oxygen), the body’s metabolism is at a higher level, causing more calories to be burned after exercise.

The results of a published study indicate that HIIT training increases metabolism more than walking and post-workout resistance training. After the workout and when you are trying to return to normal rest, a different effort is needed to restore the body to a stable state, and it is at this time that your metabolism increases.

Strengthens the heart
When you increase the intensity of exercise like the HIIT technique, it makes the heart work harder. The heart, like other muscles in the body, strengthens when you do HIIT exercises and is very good for your health.

There is also another study on Tabata exercise (the main basis of high-intensity intermittent exercise that you do 8 intervals in 4 minutes) to help strengthen the cardiovascular system, and people who are currently suffering from heart problems, HIIT exercise more than Twice as moderate-intensity aerobic exercise to help improve cardiorespiratory fitness (be sure to talk to your cardiologist before starting HIIT exercise)

Keeps your blood sugar in a healthy range
Eating a healthy diet will help keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. Even HIIT exercises can help you maintain your blood sugar like a diet. Fifty studies have shown that HIIT training improves insulin resistance compared to regular intensity training.

We want to keep our blood sugar levels within a healthy range through exercise and diet. When your blood sugar drops, you feel hungry and your mood swings. When your blood sugar rises, your pancreas releases too much insulin to lower your blood sugar.

If you do not need this amount of insulin, it is better that the pancreas does not release too much insulin because the body resists it, which leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, cancer and more.

It lowers blood pressure
High blood pressure basically doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease. But doing 8 weeks of HIIT exercises for 20 minutes 3 times a week, like regular exercise for 30 minutes 4 days a week, can lower blood pressure.

Exercise is a medicine that can help prevent and lower blood pressure in people with the disease.

Increase oxygen consumption
Oxygen consumption refers to the ability of your heart system and heart rate to use oxygen efficiently from the heart, lungs to blood vessels, and everything in between. Doing HIIT exercises for 20 minutes 4 days a week will lead to a 9% improvement in oxygen consumption in 5 weeks. Do exactly the same amount of 40 minutes a day of continuous cycling 4 days a week.

This is important because your cardiovascular system allows you to suddenly climb the stairs of a subway station quickly or react quickly in any other emergency.

Combining strength training and HIIT
You may think that it is impossible to do strength training along with HIIT training at the same time, but you are wrong. With interval training you put yourself under a lot of pressure to be able to do as many repetitions as possible.

This model of training has good advantages for the cardiovascular system, by combining strength training in interval training (as well as aerobic exercise), you will also see muscle strengthening.

You can customize the workouts to suit your fitness level
Can’t do 8 20-second intervals, 10 seconds of rest (Tabata main exercises)? If you are still ready to do this challenge

If you do not, there are ways to reduce the ratio of activity to rest and movement you do.

A longer rest between 60 or 90 seconds and less than 30 seconds of activity, less than 70% of your maximum power versus 100 or 110% of your maximum power for the main interval seems like a great start. By starting this system slowly, you will be able to reduce the amount of rest between each interval and increase the intensity of the exercise accordingly so that your body will dedicate to these exercises.

No need for a club
Some celebrities like Eve Overland and Carrie Underwood like Rock are not able to take the club with them during the trip and doing interval training helps to keep them fit because these exercises can be done with body weight and anywhere.

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