10 signs to show that you overdo cardio, Stop now!!!!!

Aerobic exercise is amazing for our body, in this article you will get acquainted with 10 signs of excessive aerobic exercise and its side effects. Running, cycling and swimming help build endurance and increase energy during the day.

Aerobic exercise prevents chronic diseases; While it improves our heart health, aerobic exercise, like everything else, has its drawbacks.

Cardiovascular exercise puts pressure on the heart, the balanced amount of which helps strengthen the heart muscle. But too much aerobic exercise weakens it.

I thought aerobic exercise was good for me!
The problem is not aerobic exercise, but the amount. Our bodies are designed for mobility, and staying active is important. Exercise is as effective as medicine for some chronic diseases. Aerobic exercise prevents heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and even depression. People who exercise regularly live an average of 7 years longer than their sedentary friends.

Problems occur when you do regular aerobic exercise and do not give your hot body a chance to rest and recover. If you put too much pressure on yourself at the club, read the 10 signs of excessive aerobic exercise listed below.

You are always in pain
Like any other workout, too much cardio can lead to injury. These injuries may be large or minor. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves, but any pain should go away immediately.

If you have chronic joint pain and noise, your body may require a change of pace. Chronic joint pain develops gradually, so it is easy to ignore. You may not suddenly notice a drastic change in your body, but too much cardio can damage your joints without you realizing it.

Check your body condition after cardio workouts. Do you have knee pain after running? Take a day off for yourself or go to a yoga class.

The more cardio you have, the more likely you are to continue and increase your pain threshold. No matter how adapted you are to these conditions, it is important to pay attention to the pain. Sometimes pull back and reduce the pressure a bit to maintain the necessary progress.

The more fitness you get and the stronger you are, the more recovery you need.

You can not sleep
If you have ever talked to your doctor about sleep problems; The first thing he probably recommends is exercise. Moderate physical activity during the day can prevent or even cure insomnia. We need to be active during the day to stay healthy and sleep well.

However, new research has shown that excessive exercise can lead to sleep problems. Excessive exercise increases stress hormones such as cortisol. During sleep, these stress hormones help you stay awake. If you spend a lot of time in bed every night, reduce the amount of exercise in the gym and check the result.

You do not burn fat
Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to losing weight. If you run every day and have not yet changed your appearance, it is time to take off your shoes. Aerobic exercise helps burn fat during a workout, but our metabolism quickly returns to normal.

Another problem is that too much cardio can lead to muscle loss. The more you try to lose weight by doing cardio, the more muscle your body will lose and the lower your metabolism will be. Even losing a small amount of muscle reduces resting metabolism. If you are confused, take the time to slow down your cardio and check again.

You can not lose belly fat
If you and your friend have decided to run 5 km every day to lose belly fat. You will probably be called in a month. While many people start a new exercise program to achieve fitness. But it takes more than just running to burn fat in the abdomen.

Studies show that in order to burn fat, you need to include strength training in your exercise program. As you increase your muscle strength, they are burning fat even outside of training. Running or cycling alone do not lead to such a process.

The more muscle tissue you have, the more energy your body uses; Anything like brushing, sleeping, and checking Instagram will burn more calories.

No change
Even though you practice every day, you have not yet reached your ideal appearance and you are thirsty to see it? You have probably adopted the wrong method of training. Yes, aerobic exercise helps you lose weight but it does not cause attractive curves! Doing aerobic exercise as the main form of exercise causes small and undesirable appearance along with softening (loosening).

Cardio is effective for weight loss and muscle, but many people are looking to burn fat and maintain muscle tissue. In other words, all your activity on the treadmill may be a smaller version than it used to be, rather than a complete body shape.

This can have a devastating effect on people.

Constant feeling of tiredness
Aerobic exercise is great for providing the energy you need. If you get tired of work at lunch, take a few minutes to walk instead of a cup of coffee or chocolate. However, if you find you are always feeling tired; It’s time to dump her and move on.

Moderate exercise is good for the body. It strengthens our muscles and bones. If the body is under a lot of pressure, then it drains your energy.

Fear of not continuing to practice
If you feel unmotivated after a period of exercise and decide to take a break, it is probably because of the form of exercise you do. If you hate treadmills, take Zumba classes or go for a walk with your friends.

Change things up when you are scared of training and lose motivation to practice. For example: separate aerobic exercise from weight training, reduce the duration of aerobic exercise and reduce the rest between each set, and….

Feeling depressed
If you feel depressed and uncomfortable after every day of running, be sure to change your workout. Stop jogging and try yoga or fitness classes. Or break your fear with weight training.

Research shows that weight lifting is associated with reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms. The weight lift makes you stronger.

Get ready for a marathon
Running a marathon is an incredible achievement, just don’t keep running non-stop. Running a marathon is something we should be proud of, but it is important to let your body rest. If you run a marathon regularly, it will work on your heart

You will cause serious injuries.

One study found that extreme athletes, such as marathons or triple athletes, experienced serious changes in their hearts during exercise. Their heart does not work to its efficiency and even its size changes. The heart can return to normal a week after a big race, but it can never heal if you are under constant pressure from running or swimming.

The story can be even sadder and the marathon participant can die suddenly. But it happens one in a hundred thousand people in the final kilometer of the race. It may sound scary, but do not give up on your dreams and run a marathon. Just have the right planning and do not forget to rest.

You are an athlete in three competitions
If the death toll of the marathon scares you, I must say that the number of triple races is double! You may hit the ground in Martin after getting tired, but in all three there is a possibility of suffocation.

Do not be afraid of these words at all because they are very unlikely. Just listen to your inner voice and rest for many days, especially after each race.

Try yoga
So you came to the conclusion that you are doing too much aerobic exercise; What should you do now? Write a program. Look at the week ahead, consider a few days for a new workout and a few days of rest. Yoga class is a good place to start.

If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Not only will you improve your health, but you will also feel amazing. Yoga is a combination of stretching, increasing strength and finding a little peace in our crazy life. Yoga is as effective as aerobic exercise in keeping you healthy and preventing chronic diseases.

Strength training is your answer
Looking for something more challenging than yoga? Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from strength training. First, strengthening your muscles will help protect you from the damage caused by excessive aerobic exercise. Increased physical strength also supports the joints and prevents you from suffering from chronic pain or subsequent injuries.

Aerobic exercise may not give you the feeling and appearance you want; But doing strength training only a few days a week can have great results. Even replacing strength training with aerobics 2 days a week can reduce the physical pressure you are dealing with and restore your energy levels.

Aerobic exercise is great for the overall health of the body, but balancing it with strength training can help you achieve faster and more lasting results over a long period of time.

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