Amir is a widely experienced and highly motivated fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Amir is an Europe fitness champions several times.

 My commitment is reflected in my own general fitness and level of body conditioning (I am a successful bodybuilding competitor and ex football player). I have worked and trained in a variety of places and environments. 

Currently, I am training a number of personal clients and football players and several  Athletes, as well as served an Assistant Strength and Condition coach course at the University of East London.

Amir offers costume fitness and health program for weight loss, weight gain, tonning, Boxing, strength and, improve Fitness level conditioning for professional and non professional Athletes, injury recovery, improve your stamina and cardio, core strength and more.

Amir based in Central London and area covers are : West London, Chelsea, kensington, Mayfair, Victoria, South Kensington, King’s road, Holnadpark, Hyde Park and most of the London or you can be his client anywhere in the word online. 

Or you can be Amir client anywhere in the world from LA to Monaco or Dubai to Spain, Amir offer travel alongside with his client to different location,city or even country.

Amir  is a professional fitness coach who also helps Athletes from Football to Tennis or any sport to get their fitness level  ready to get better in their competition.

I visit my clients in home or their workplace or at park, even I travel with them time to time, I have clients from professional athletes to normal people and from CEO and lawyer to Doctor and managers. Come and contact me today and have my free consultation and I will design your need program and diet plan to improve your life and fitness level.




WhatsApp me on 00447476500735 or send me an email to

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