When developing my Athletic Body Designs workout programmes, I take the approach of being fully committed to only using the latest clinically validated techniques. I assume that the best research produces the most refined and effective methods, which result in the most optimal systems, programs that produce outcomes. Learning what there is to know about influencing change.


Every session you won’t just be getting a good workout, we’ll be teaching you the intricacies of body weight lifting and how tot ake care of your body better , kickboxing and boxing. Technique work, pad holding, partner drills, combination throwing and eventually sparring (yes, you will really learn how to fight!) are what you’ll be focused on. It is *impossible* to train in this sport and not get a good workout, and that’s why this training is so great: the more you learn, the more fun you have with the sport and the better your workout is.

In addition to the striking-focused drills, we use fun and functional equipment to round out your conditioning: ropes, ladders, medicine balls, bands and, most importantly, your own body weight. We take care of the gear, you just bring yourself and your water.

And wherever you want to train – at your home or a nearby park – I travel everywhere which is that’s most convenient for you.

From Kensington to chelsea or anywhere in London or other countries. 



WhatsApp me on 00447476500735 or send me an email to amir@amirvahid.com

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