Boxing for everyone

Why everyone loves Boxing and how it can be done if you are new to Boxing?


First off, why boxing?

This question couldn’t have been any easier. Boxing is a fantastic exercise and one of the most difficult activities to master. Pace, agility, finesse, strength, stamina, and mental toughness are all required. Boxing challenges you like no other sport, pitting the best and most accomplished athletes against one another. It’s a beautiful science, but it’s also a rough and brutal sport.


Let me tell you first that Boxing is a great workout and its for everyone, yes its scary sometimes , but not if you want to enjoy and do for fun.


You can look for Boxing as a great cardio or even build your core, yes its core exercise, because you work on your core and strong punches come from strong core.

Basic Boxing Place
Beginners can find it simple to strike and defend from the basic boxing stance. With both hands ready to strike, you’re well secured in this posture. Different boxing poses would be used by more experienced athletes to allow for more advanced body motions and counter-punching opportunities.




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