Case study, design program to lose weight and gain muscle



John Smith has signed up for a 12-week, 36 sessions, transformation at Ultimate Performance and has been assigned to train with you.

John’s goal is to get a cover model physique within 12 weeks.

John is highly motivated and has told you he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

Task 1

Write an initial training program for John Smith. Include a short section to explain your rationale for the phase 1 training plan.

John can train with you 3 x per week for 1 hour, and twice per week for 1 hour by himself.

In John’s initial pre-exercise assessment you observe that John:

  • Complains about lower back pain and he tells you that he has suffered from this for years.
  • Struggles to maintain a neutral spine when performing deadlifts and squats.
  • Finds holding a bar on his back when he squats uncomfortable. You also notice that when he performs a squat, he shifts his centre of mass to his right side, his knees fall in, and his spine flexes before he reaches parallel.

Task 2

Write the first phase of a nutrition plan for John Smith that John will be able to understand and follow. You can also include any supplements that you would recommend to John to support his diet. Include a short section to explain your rationale for the nutrition plan.

After John’s initial assessment, you calculate that John is 188 cm tall, weighs 90 kg at an estimated 20% Body fat.

John explains to you that he has never dieted before and believes that he has been eating ‘healthy’.


Task 2:


The key to lose fat and maintaining your mussels is having a small portion meals

every a few hours at least four times a day and best is five to six times a day to boost

your metabolism.

However by limiting the amount of food you eat you may lose some weights but you

will lose muscles too, muscles are the best fat burner tissues in our body and by

building more of this you will burn more fats.

Depends on the goal, if this is about to gain more muscles you should increase your

intake of your good proteins plus good fat and complex carbohydrate.

don’t forget to drink more than 10 glass of water a day.

Try to reduce amount of carbs and fruit during a night


Having some apple vinegar with water after breakfast  and when you go to bed




Breakfast options :


Oat meal with some fruits and 3 white eggs or instead of eggs you can have a one protein shake  (Whey)


Oat pancake with some proteins such as eggs or again shake or low fat chess


Low fat yogurt with some fruits or Nuts


Shake of some vegetables mix with some coconut water and protein powder


Snack 1:

Nuts, banana, Apple, grapefruit, ( pick one)


Brown rice or sweet potato  with salmon or any type of fish try not to be fried and some salads


Brown pasta with fish or chicken breast not fried and salad


Steak with no fat with one M potato and half avocado and salad


Snack 2: Protein Shake or some Nuts


Dinner :


The same as lunch but not with crabs such as rice or pasta or potato, instead with more salads or veggies,


Before bed:

Green Apple


Casein Protein   or low fat cata cheese



Day one:


Warm up

Incline Bench press with hurtle : 3/15

Bench press with hurtle : 3/15

Fly chest 3/15

Biceps with hurter curl  3/10  super set with Triceps with hurter laying down 3/10


Biceps with dumbbell two arms  3/10  super set with Triceps with dumbbell sitting over head 3/10


Biceps with cable stand 3/10  super set   Triceps with  pushdown with cable 3/10


Variation of Abs 3 Workout each 3 sets


Hit cardio 15 to 20 min


Day two


Shoulder press sit hurter  3/12 to 15

Shoulder machine sit 3/12 to 15

Shoulder side lateral Dumbbell  3/10

Bent over barbell row 3/12

Wide grip lat pull-down 3/12

Close grip lat pull down front 3/12


Variation of Abs 3 Workout each 3 sets

Hit cardio 20 t0 30 min


Day three.



You should first  stand straight  and relaxed, put your  arms by your sides, contracting  your lats and bring it back towards floor, hard. You can feel  how your upper back becomes stiff, but doesn’t get pulled out of neutral? Practice that and get used to the feeling – this is the key to maintaining upper-back alignment when you lift heavy.

Once you get used to this filling we can use barbell to do squat but if you feel pain on your shoulder we can use some pads on the barbel if still its not good for you then we use alternative as a squat.


As long as you have a problem with deadlift and squat, I can use alternative movement instead.

For back pian I do recommend you some Pilates movements such as ; Child pos, Glute bridge, swimming  pose .. and also starching which it should take abut 15 sec to do for each.

Squat 3/15 to 20 ( if he is okay with pads and no pain)

Leg press 3 sets of 15 to 20


Leg extension 3/15 to 20


Lunges 3/5 meter


Body squat 3/20 once you get better we use some weights to hold on your hands  ( if he feels pain with barbels )


Jump box 3/10


Abs for 10 min

Hit cardio 20 min




















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