How to work from home happier?

Millions of people experience telecommuting for the first time. For some months now, they have been sitting at the kitchen table or working on the sofa with their laptops.

Even with vaccines, many people do not return to work full time. The first signs and effects of the epidemic on people’s mental health in Britain are not very pleasant.

Depression is on the rise. In a poll by the Royal Society of British Architects, a large number of participants said that telecommuting had created more tensions for them.

“People are very different in terms of personality traits, but the basics are clear. Sunlight with fresh air and the enjoyment of nature is our basic need for mental health,” says Dr. TBS Balamorali, a psychiatrist and counselor.

Sunlight causes the brain to release the hormone serotonin. This hormone makes you feel calm and focused, improves your mood and reduces anxiety.

“Daylight has many benefits. Sunlight is the first important factor because it has the greatest impact on how we feel about our surroundings and helps our sleep patterns.” “Covid is boring for all of us, so getting enough light and getting regular sleep is very important in the current situation.” The good thing about the story, Ben says, is that “people have more control over the light than they think.”

“If you can put your desk by the window,” he says. Arrange for the curtains to be completely removed and the windows to be kept clean, both inside and out. Dirty window glass largely blocks out sunlight.

They are taller than the mirrors around them.

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