Japan’s most prominent sumo wrestler suffers from Corona (covid-19) disease

According to the Japan Sumo Wrestling Federation, Hakuho, the Mongolian-born champion and the country’s most prominent sumo wrestler, underwent a corona test after being diagnosed with a sense of smell and was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Following the increase in the incidence of coronary heart disease, Japan is considering declaring a state of emergency in and around Tokyo.

Japan has never imposed stricter restrictions than other countries.

Despite the prevalence of corona, activities such as sumo wrestling were still practiced, but as the incidence of corona increased, the scope of restrictions on sports would expand.

In May, a 28-year-old Japanese sumo wrestler died of organ failure due to the Corona virus.

Hakuho, who holds the record for the longest time in the Japanese sumo wrestling standings, was preparing for the big New Year’s tournament to be held in Tokyo next Sunday.

According to the Japan Sumo Wrestling Federation, he is currently under specialist care and other wrestlers will undergo coronary testing.

Today (Tuesday, January 5), Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that the government will announce its decision on declaring a state of emergency on Thursday.

Since the beginning of the global corona epidemic, the number of cases in Japan has risen to 249,000, and 3,500 people have died from Covid-19. While much lower than in countries such as the United States and Britain, the Japanese government has expressed “deep concern” about the third wave of the corona.

With the rise of coronary heart disease in Japan, the question is again whether the country can host the Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer.

Japan first declared a state of emergency last spring. There were no fines for non-compliance, and Japan, unlike many countries around the world, did not impose general quarantine.

Sports activities such as sumo wrestling continued despite the Corona outbreak, and 35-year-old Hakuho also competed in tournaments.

In April, Shuboshi (whose real name is Kyotaka Suetake) became the first to have a corona on a sumo wrestler. His condition quickly deteriorated and he later died of organ failure.

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