Lower blood sugar with these three foods

Lower blood sugar with these three foods
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Salehi, Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tehran, stated that it is necessary to control blood sugar, diet, high mobility, reduce stress, anxiety and use appropriate drugs (chemical or herbal), fenugreek seeds, garlic and onion They are among the plants that have effective properties in lowering blood sugar.

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Salehi Surmaghi, in an interview with the Health and Medical Reporter of the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), about the effectiveness of herbal medicines in the treatment of diabetes, said: Herbal medicines can be used to reduce low and moderate blood sugar. High blood sugar requires chemical drugs, herbal medicines can be used as an aid in these situations.

Fenugreek seeds have the property of lowering blood sugar. These seeds can be used one tablespoon of jam every day. You can also use a glass of water for 5 minutes to boil the seeds and consume it after straining.

Garlic and onions also have blood sugar lowering properties. Of course, garlic is stronger than onions in this respect. For this purpose, you can use 1 to 3 garlic tablets daily, which are available in pharmacies.

Other herbs that can lower blood sugar and can be consumed permanently in the diet include carrots, coriander (especially seeds), nettle, artichoke, walnuts, celery, pumpkin, olives, barley and alfalfa. .

The important point is that high blood sugar can not be normalized with herbal medicines and it must be controlled by following a diet, high mobility, reducing stress, anxiety and taking appropriate medications (chemical and herbal).

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