These are basic principles for novice bodybuilders

Is your goal in bodybuilding to achieve a muscular body? If you are new to bodybuilding, this section may be a good idea to get you started on the right steps.

Building an ideal body requires time, concentration, and constant exercise. Interestingly, the first 6 to 12 months of work is the time when you will probably see the most changes and increased muscle growth. What is very important at this stage is the basics and style. Learn to do the movements correctly and make sure that you do not get injured by increasing the weights of your training over time. Try to use a knowledgeable and experienced trainer before starting.


By putting pressure on the muscles, the muscle fibers are damaged. During the rest and recovery phase, the body responds to this damage by rebuilding and strengthening the muscle fibers.
So keep in mind that weight training means taking one step back – two steps forward. With this in mind, the importance of rest and sleep becomes clear, that is, when your body takes those two steps forward!
A beginner needs less recovery due to less muscle mass, so you can train each muscle group twice a week. Divide your body into 2 parts, for example: upper body muscles except the abdomen on the first day. And lower body and abdomen on the second day, for example, you can do the exercise of the first day on Saturday and Tuesday, and the other group on Sunday and Wednesday, and dedicate Monday and weekend to rest. In this program, you should try to pay more attention to the preparations. For this reason, more focus should be on basic and classical movements. In the next steps and after learning the basics completely, more combined movements will be used.
At this stage, the most important thing is to learn the correct form of movements and to feel the full pressure on the desired muscle, not to use heavier weights! Do not confuse bodybuilding with weightlifting. In some movements, especially movements such as stretching the muscles of the back (armpit pull-ups) and shoulder releases, if you use heavy weights, you can not target the target muscles exactly. Choose a weight to start To be able to do 12 repetitions completely correctly and with enough pressure, try to record the weights and repetitions of each session.

safety tips

Diet and nutrition
To achieve your training goals, you need to pay more attention to the food you eat. There is no one-size-fits-all diet plan that works for everyone. The diet plan, like the exercise program, varies according to the goals and physical condition of different people and should be adjusted by the relevant expert, but there are a number of specific basic principles that work for everyone:
Cut down on junk food and junk food and fried foods. This is the first and most important step. Fast foods, candies and sweets. You can not consume the useful foods you need
Increase Protein Consumption Muscles are made of protein and include foods such as chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, low-fat milk and dairy in your diet to effectively rebuild the body’s muscles to high and pure protein.
Try to increase your intake of vegetables and high-fiber foods and get used to it (except after a meal). Eating fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy.
Do not neglect to drink water. If the body suffers from dehydration, which is not unexpected for people who drink little water due to the increase in air temperature and physical activity, you will lose your physical, physical and mental strength and suffer from symptoms such as lethargy, fatigue and headache. And you will feel dizzy and even anesthetized, so drink water during the day up to half an hour before the meal and from half an hour after that. During the exercise, try to sip and drink a small amount of water.
Instead of eating small, high-volume meals, try to reduce the volume and increase the number of meals. Avoid eating carbs at bedtime meals, preferably after 6pm. Include more carbs at breakfast for overnight meals. Eat more protein Limit simple carbohydrates to breakfasts and post-workout meals
Taking the right supplements not only provides your body with enough nutrients for muscle growth, but also helps speed recovery and prevent injury.
Of course, professional bodybuilders are also confused about choosing the right supplement due to the great variety of products and advertisements, let alone the novices! There are two supplements that seem necessary and appropriate to use and can be seen in the list of supplements of any bodybuilder from any level, multivitamin and mineral supplements and various protein supplements.
Your body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to be more efficient, which usually does not provide the amount needed by an athlete during the day. It is better to take this supplement after breakfast.
The main purpose of taking protein supplements is to ensure that the body needs protein to build muscle tissue. Another reason is the speed of digestion of these supplements, which are used according to the needs and purpose of each person of different types.

Different types of protein powders are divided into three categories according to the amount of protein in them:

Gainers, which in addition to protein also contain a significant amount of carbohydrates and are suitable for lean people who have difficulty gaining weight and eating enough food, and should include one or more servings of this drink between meals daily. Food calorie drinks that are more balanced in terms of calories are another type of almost pure protein powder that has a small amount of carbohydrates. Supplements can be taken between meals before breakfast before bed or preferably immediately after exercise. Try to get supplements from reputable centers and from reputable and well-known names and brands. Note that it can not be used as a The habit of supplements replaces meals Supplements, according to their name, only complement the natural and healthy diet

safety tips
As a beginner, your primary goal is to correct the movements, not to do them heavily. If possible, use a private instructor, or at least ask a friend to take care of you while performing the movements. Complete the range of movements, but do not go beyond it. Do not injure your joints. Be sure to warm up before exercising with proper movements and stretching movements. Lift weights by bending your knees and keeping your back straight off the ground so that no pressure is applied to your spine.
Focus and think
Work, family, and other issues can directly affect your workout. Try to include daily exercise as a fixed part of your normal life while taking care of all the issues. Set a long-term goal for yourself. Building an ideal body is not enough. Focus on details. Muscle fat, weight, strength gain and ..
Be realistic in setting a goal and when to reach it, then divide this goal into shorter periods of time, such as a month. Think positive to achieve your goals. Every day, the diet and exercise program in the club and even the feelings after each set. Think and visualize it.

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